Knowing yourself

Do you know how you really are?

You’re going to work, meet your friends, colleagues. You need to show up and represent yourself. But when do you truly act as yourself? When you’re only with the closest friends? When you’re with your family? When you are alone?

Have you ever tried a monk’s life? A hermit’s life? Just for a short while maybe?

Well, being solely alone, most likely might drive you crazy. I think there are not so many people to stand for this and remain rational. The astronauts for instance train really hard on this. We are social beings, we need to interact, we need to see and feel others like us. But every now and then we should take some time to be only with ourselves. Some calls this praying. Others meditation. Others relaxation…

Let me tell you my story. Few years ago I made a switch in my job to work from home, doing what I know, software. It sounds like modern classic for me. Well, I do live in the country side at the edge of a village, and someone might say in the middle of nowhere. But actually it’s not really being alone.


I live with my wife and kids, and most of the time we all stay at home, together. Always being with people I love, for whom I have nothing to hide, having almost no time in the presence of others to whom I mostly needed to make a good impression, really makes me see who I really am. Also it make me wish to communicate, and though I was a really shy person, I’m much more open to other people, and the reason I started to express myself. I figured out that only trying to impress the others it’s just being fake, obvious.

No one should be ashamed of himself. We are just different and all valuable. And being different is great! It would be really boring if we all would be the same. If someone discredit you, then he’s the one to be ashamed.

So, if you really what to know yourself, take some time alone and pay attention to yourself. Just like that!

And if you believe in God and you’re honest, you might even hear Him. It’s the sound of your heart telling you the truth.


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