Art in everything

We tend to think that each of us has a predominant characteristic that influence our life, our relations, our work. When I was in school, we were split into 2 groups, one for human arts, like languages, philosophy, music and another group for science (math, physics, computer science). More or less, depending also on the culture of each region on the globe, there is a separation between the type of achievements we made. Art and science are said to be 2 distinct things.

If you look closely though, both artists and scientists produce. They make something. Artists create paintings, music, literature, movies. Engineers produce cars, aircrafts, buildings. But then, how can you paint without the combination of colors which implies maybe at least a bit of chemistry? And how can a movie maker do his job without the tools engineered to shoot images or create stunning graphic effects? Then how can a car look cool without the shapes of a designer? Or a building constructed without the design of an architect? And then there is food, which will all eat. Ask a cook, a real chef, what is food for him? Food is love, is passion, is art. And yet it’s so much more. You need fire, energy, ones of the most interesting things to be studied by scientists.

So in the end there might be a deep bond between the 2 sides of our personality.

There are also some people with great achievements who demonstrated that when the two sides join, great achievements can be made.

Chris Hadfield, commander of the ISS Expedition 35 was the most social astronaut and even brought a guitar in space and enchanted us with his Space Oddity –

Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple was the first to bring fonts to a text editor, just because while in school, he attended a calligraphy course which he really enjoyed it.

Not to talk about Leonardo da Vinci who covered almost all the titles, from painter, musician to engineer and inventor.

So, how is art present in software development? Isn’t computer science very precise, so precise that any interpretations or feelings are not allowed? How can a block of code be considered in the same time a real fact and a piece of art?


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