My first blog

You know, this is quite fun for me right now. I’m kind of a shy person, who almost never took initiatives involving others, except me.

I’m really good working with myself, and I’m trying with others as well, mostly with my wife, which is obvious, as we are the best friends. But when it comes to relate or do anything that doesn’t involves a strong or at least a good relation, I’m not very happy.

And yes, this is my first blog ever, except some photos on Facebook, where I’m stingy though. I’m asked to post more and I say, “well I can show them to you directly if you really want to see my kids”.

Most of my time, I’m building software, almost alone, home alone. Except for my wife who is with me all the time, and my 2 boys, 2 for now, I wish more, but we’ll see… I’m dreaming to reach 90 or more, together with my wife, and get surrounded by our kids and theirs and so on… you get the point.

OK, what I want to do further with this WordPress stuff is to post the things I encounter, mostly in my work. I have lots of thoughts I want to share. I’m reaching a point where I really need to do something, and because I’m a shy guy, and not so very good in speech, writing is my place to be. So I’ll try to write anything that comes across me.

Hope you’ll enjoy, and even if you don’t, well… thanks for reading anyway.

Wish you all the best and plenty of love.